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lifeonmars_tv's Journal

The Life on Mars Fan Community
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A fan community for ABC's Life on Mars television show.
Life on Mars is the American version of a television drama that aired on BBC. The show will air on ABC on Thursdays at 9:00 CST and 10:00 EST. Irish actor Jason O'Mara plays the lead role of "Sam Tyler" with Harvey Keitel as "Lt. Gene Hunt" and Gretchen Mol as "Annie Norris." Others in the cast include Michael Imperioli as "Detective Ray Carling," Lisa Bonet as "Maya Daniels," and Jonathan Murphy as "Detective Chris Skelton." There were many cast changes since the pilot with almost every character being replaced except for Jason O'Mara as "Detective Sam Tyler."

A car accident sends a detective, Sam Tyler, back to the days of the 1970's.

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